Overcoming Boundaries
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Trey Songz - I Want You by OctoberLUV





Color My Fro: A Natural Hair Coloring Book for Big Hair Lovers of All Ages

31 big-haired fairies, mermaids, warriors, models, cheerleaders, and fierce divas grace the pages of this coloring book celebrating the beauty of black women and natural hair. At each turn of the page, a new natural hair inspired illustration greets you.

The Colorful Adventures of Zoe & Star: An Activity and Coloring Book

Tired of the lack of diversity in children’s coloring books? Meet Zoe and Star, two adventurous African-American girls who just love to have fun! Follow them throughout over 45 fun-filled coloring and activity pages that inspire creativity, promote self-confidence and celebrate diversity.

Crystal Swain-Bates…

holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University and is an avid world traveler. Crystal is an author and the owner of Goldest Karat Publishing, a boutique publisher of educational non-fiction titles, coloring books, and entertaining children’s books aimed at African-American audiences. Goldest Karat’s goal is to fill the diversity gap in traditional publishing by providing readers with high quality books featuring characters of African descent.


boos this!

So hey princelesscomic here’s someone you could collaborate with. I know you’ve got an adventure coloring book or two just waiting in the wings. :)

Oooh!  This does indeed look like someone I need to talk to!  At the very least, I need to buy some coloring books!

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Artist on tumblr - Thomas Saliot born 1968 is a French artist living in Marrakech and Paris.

I paint and travel for the last 20 years…
I work « free hand » from photos i find all over the web. It is a bit in the spirit of a blog (terrible word) where i use icomic images like snapshot of our centuries.

I try to do with paintings what Ian Fleming did with literature…

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this is important

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Tupac died at 25. If Malcolm X died at 25 he would have been a street hustler named Detroit Red. If Martin Luther King died at 25 he would’ve been known as a local baptist preacher. And if I had died at 25 I would’ve been known as a struggling musician. Only a sliver of my life’s potential.



Homeless shelter is transformed into 5-star restaurant, hot food and warm hearts all around.  See the full video here. 

:))))))))))))) this makes me really happy

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Remember the “I Wanna Be Down (Remix)”? Yo-Yo, MC Lyte, Brandy and Queen Latifah reunited on the Queen Latifah Show 20 years later!


Whyyyy do all of them not age? They look GREAT

* LIFE RECEIVED* That remix was my shit.

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o shit

setting the record straight

Oh look, the media casually blaming underaged girls for their unwilling involvement with adult men


you go girl

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i remember all of these and i feel sad because i remember when i wanted to grow up and be grown so bad but now i take it back … i want to go back to these times 

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Hip-Hop & R&B albums celebrating their 10th anniversary this year:

  • "Afrodisiac" - Brandy 
  • "College Dropout" - Kanye West
  • "Confessions" - Usher 
  • "Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2" - Jill Scott
  • "Destiny Fulfilled" - Destiny’s Child
  • "Red Light District" - Ludacris
  • "Get Lifted" - John Legend 
  • "Bravebird" - Amel Larrieux
  • "Fantasia" - Free Yourself 
  • "Goodies" - Ciara 

Damn, 10 years already.

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